The Challenge

CNH Industrial came to us because their sprawling manufacturing facility, located in New Holland, PA, was having issues with climate control. Their existing chiller was getting up there in age, and replacement parts were hard to find. On top of that, the system relied on R22—a refrigerant that was being phased out in favor of more sustainable alternatives.

complex rooftop HVAC unit maintained by TempChek

A TempChek technician working on a new electrical panel for an HVAC system

Our Solution

After performing a load calculation to determine the building’s precise needs, we removed CNH Industrial’s existing chiller and equipment. We set the new equipment in place, handling pipe insulation, electrical connections, third-party control integration, commissioning, and startup. The new system has resulted in significant energy savings, increased reliability, and zero ozone depletion potential. And to keep their new system running at its best, we provide CNH with annual planned maintenance that includes quarterly filter changes, spring cooling service, and fall heating service.

Project Stats

Facility Type

Manufacturing Plant

Facility Location

New Holland, PA

Year Completed