The Challenge

Stoltzfus Meats was frustrated with the temperature monitoring system in their retail store. Everything was mechanical, from the thermostats to the defrost time clocks. This meant that if an isolated component broke or malfunctioned, it was up to their team to catch the issue before temperatures reached unsafe levels. The problem only got worse after hours.

TempChek repairman assessing accuracy of refrigeration equipment of a commercial business

a large refrigeration case with cheese at Stoltzfus Meats, serviced by TempChek

Our Solution

We retrofitted all refrigeration equipment with electronic controls, allowing remote monitoring and control for all cases and walk-ins. Now, their team is immediately alerted when equipment is running off temperature (or has another issue). Often, the system can tell us exactly what’s wrong before a service tech arrives, allowing us to resolve many minor issues over the phone. The Emerson KE2 system also records temperature logs, allowing Stoltzfus Meats to spot patterns and make adjustments to save energy.

Project Stats

Facility Type

Retail Store

Facility Location

Intercourse, PA

Year Completed